From kitchen Dutch to academic language that can hold its own

Afrikaans is celebrated for being an expressive language. It all began when a small group of men in the Boland town of Paarl started the ball rolling… The development of Afrikaans is described as one of the three language wonders of the world. In only 50 years, Afrikaans evolved from the vernacular, or kitchen Dutch, to an academic and economic language that can compete on the world stage.

In this section, we invite you on a journey toward broadening your knowledge, whether you are getting ready for school, are at school or are thinking about your tertiary future. We strive to make learning fun, so here you will find useful links and apps, support or advice. You are welcome to contact us to share your thoughts, knowledge and questions.

Knowledge unlocks your world
Whether you are looking for pre-school, at school or tertiary education information, you will find it here. Contact us and share what works for you!

Pre-school – Make learning fun

Take the lead and find inspiration for your pre-schooler’s learning and reading development. We live in an era of tablets, smartphones and social media. You just have to use the technology to stimulate and develop your child’s cognitive development. Here you will find useful and practical ideas, games and support.

At school – Stand out from the crowd

Attention all primary and high school learners! Are you looking for support, learning aids, resources or apps to help with your Afrikaans? You’ve come to the right place. We have lots of information on language, reading and spelling, links to examination papers, notes and study guides. We also share a few links to help you compile lesson plans in Afrikaans and other helpful ideas!

Tertiary education – The world is your oyster

Find out where you can study Afrikaans as a subject. If you need to apply for a bursary or study loan just click ‘more’. Do you know who to approach for an internship, learnership or mentorship? Read more about it below. The subjects of Afrikaans literature and culture are offered at many overseas institutions. This is a quick view of the European universities that offer Afrikaans. For a more detailed list that also makes interesting reading, view under ‘more’ below.
Apply for your first job and need to compile a CV? We provide a few links to helpful websites.

Learn to speak Afrikaans

Want to learn to speak Afrikaans? It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it is said that English speakers pick Afrikaans up with more ease thanks to its origins. One way you can set yourself up for success is by using online or digital learning tools like the apps and websites covered in this article.

Translate into Afrikaans – Contact the experts or get that app

Need to translate a document into Afrikaans? Perhaps your CV needs to be in Afrikaans? Or want to know what that interesting turn of phrase or idiom means? Contact the experts, get that language app and improve your spelling.


Join in the fun and test your knowledge of Afrikaans. Here you will find Afrikaans idioms, sayings and expressions.

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JOU Afrikaans tel oral en altyd. Vertel ons met die hutsmerk #jouafrikaanstel waar, wanneer of waarom jou Afrikaans tel. Met ons nuutste veldtog bevestig ons dat jy nooit jou taal hoef prys te gee nie, dat Afrikaans oor globale grense strek en dat ons die verskeidenheid in Afrikaans vier. Kyk hier na die veldtog-video’s en neem deel. Onthou om jou naam, van en van watter geweste jy is, by te voeg.